• Q Livan bluetooth thermometer BT 0512 Q&A
    Q1: No LCD display after long pressing ON/OFF key 3 seconds to turn ON device ?
    Ans: Please check BT 0512 device battery installation, or change a new battery
    Q2: After turn ON device, LCD shows “ Lo”, but only blue LED flash, device LCD OFF again ?
    Ans: Device does not set up Bluetooth connection, please refer instruction manual to carry out Bluetooth connection and “ pairing operation “  
    Q3: Device LCD still shows “ Lo “ after wearing device under Armpit ?
    Ans: Device can measure body temperature without Bluetooth connection, but device LCD only shows Lo if detect temperature is lower than 32 degree C. Device LCD will show real temperature value if detect temperature is over 32 degree C
    A- Put temperature sensor ( stainless point of wrist belt ) in correct position - Armpit
    DO NOT put the " device" in Armpit because there is no temperature sensor on device
    B- It takes 2 minutes to reach balance body temperature once device is wearing under patient Armpit
    Q4: Device can’t get connection with Livan Thermo App via Bluetooth ?
    Ans: Please turn on the Bluetooth function on your smart phone or tablet, and close Airplane mode.
    A- Please sure your BT 0512 device is powered on. 
    B- Please sure your BT 0512 and smartphone/ tablet within 10 meter and with no obstructions.
    C- When Livan Thermo App is choose to connect to BT 0512, please press the ON/OFF button of the device BT 0512 within 5 seconds to complete the connection.
    Q5: I have measured the body temperature, why there is no any history data show on Livan Thermo App ?
    Ans: When device replace new battery, BT 0512 device has to connect Livan Thermo App first for time calibration, then the history data will be correct.
    Q6: Thermometer device can not synchronous storage data immediately after Android smart phone system update ?
    Ans : Due to different smart phone company use different Android system, if Livan thermos APP can not synchronous thermometer data immediately after Bluetooth connection, this could be effect by Android system update.
    You may try to delete “ Livan Thermo “ APP first from your Android APP, then re-install “ Livan Thermo “ APP may be helpful
    **  Notice of battery change – whenever replace new battery, BT 0512 device has to run “ pairing operation “ to set up Bluetooth link in between device & smart phone APP. Otherwise, smart phone APP will not show any temperature data.